New welding robot

LYMSA presents its new complete automated welding system.

An innovative high-precision industrial robotic system that allows us to program an infinite number of positions, being able to select the appropriate range of movements for each type of welding. The articulated torch arm is equipped with highly dynamic and maintenance-free servomotors, which guarantee high welding speed and rapid acceleration in all its axes.

The entire robotic system is attached to a mobile gantry structure, with 30 m. long, 8 m. deep and 5 m. tall, approximately.

Its compact design occupies only the space of a welding/assembly workstation. The robot is used to weld open profiles (IPE, HEA, HEB…), closed profiles (CHS, SHS, RHS…), reinforced beams, support bases, part flanges, etc. The motors are equipped with holding brakes, not being necessary to calibrate them after turning off the robot. Drive forces are transmitted via maintenance-free gearboxes. This machine is designed to process large amounts of steel.

Its use allows fast, efficient positioning and high trajectory precision. It has a high-resolution smart sensor and camera to detect possible deviations in the welds being made and correct them automatically.

Capable of welding elements up to: 3 m. wide, 3m. high and 25 m. long (or 2 stations of 12 meters long, separated by a security barrier). Tack and weld options: up to 25 m. of length. Welding times: Allows welding at a speed of 1,000 mm./minute in throats of up to 5 mm. with double torch. Programming software: Load on W10 and Linux. The transfer of process-relevant data is done via “Safety Over EtherCAT” (FSoE).

The control terminal is light and resistant. It incorporates a keyboard and an integrated LCD touch screen. The operator can touch and feel each button on the panel, even with work gloves on, guaranteeing safety throughout the process. By having 2 twin terminals, it allows prior programming.

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